Hi, it is I, the mysterious creatrix of the environs herein.

I thought I would make a comment here relating to the nature fo the classes that are appearing over the next couple days.

Some folks may be inclined to want to use these classes in their own game.


No, really, do not do so. For a really simple reason: while the classs are playtested and balanced and all that cool stuff, they are playtested and balanced for Wyrlde.

Not for general use in a broader D&D game.

I know, that goes against all the ideas of what it means to do the whole “homebrew class” thing — I’m supposed to want to share it and have it used and all that.

Well, I did that ages ago, and that’s not how I work any longer. I am not interested in balancing things to work within existing systems, I want to make sure they work for my games.

So, don’t use the classes here for your games. For one, without the Magic and Aspects systems, they will be deeply underpowered. FOr another, I wouldn’t use them in a straight class game.

That’s not what they were designed for or how.

And do not get me started on the whole concept of Balancing as most people think of it these days, based on what I see on the forums and reddits and whatnots.

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