There are monsters in the seas and rivers, who will strike at an unwary vessel and destroy it – for pleasure, for glory, for territory. Some have theorized that this is why Wyrlde’s ships are either riverboats, with their wide, shallow draft single hulls that avoid the oceans and seas, or the vast catamarans that are more difficult for these fearsome creatures of the deep to overturn. A single hulled craft would be easily capsized and likely lose all hands far more readily, for these things are voracious, and even the Kerisian warriors fear them.

Sea Serpents & River Serpents

Combining features of both snakes and eels, these amphibious critters are found in assorted sizes from something as big as your finger to large enough to swallow a ship whole, with a typical specimen able to swallow a large man in a single bite, ready for slow digestion. The best news about them is that once they have a snack, they leave people alone while they retreat to their deep underwater lairs and digest them. Slowly. Sparing a though for the victims, the good news is they usually suffocate before they are digested much.

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