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Veil Gates

A Veil Gate is a dangerous thing indeed, for they are the paths through the Veil that one finds within the greatness that is the Pale. Each gate manifests as a storm, a swirling column of prismatic clouds lit by colored lightning that used to mark and guide one to where that Veil Gate leads.

It is important to note that while Veil Storms only very rarely appear on the Mortal Plane Material Plane, they can appear on the other planes much more readily – the other planes are ultimately just reflections, or shadows, of the Mortal Plane, and so these storms can appear and sweep up much. There are more than a few myths about Veil Storms appearing elsewhere and transferring entire cities to Wyrlde – but such an event has not happened in centuries.

Magic can be used to open a gate on the material plane, in the form of complex spells. These allows for limited passages to and from.

Some ancient ruins have constructed gates, and legend says that at one time they were used to move between the many cities, but these days they are mostly broken, and some do lead to other planes. The Gates are often seen with peculiar symbols and are a form of highly complex sigil themselves, and experienced people have learned to decipher them, though this takes dozens of trips and intense, close study to be able to do. The very slight shade differences mean that most inexperienced travelers will find themselves in the wrong layer of a given plane.

Veil Gates have a specific color to them. Even though one can open a gate to a particular layer of it, the color of that gate is merely a shade of the Plane itself.

All combined, it means that only people who have undertaken many dozens of trips and spent the time to learn and understand the planes and the nature of the veil gates, are able to determine where one leads with any precision. Because of time differentials, planar compositions, assorted risks and dangers, and the limitations of a body that cannot eat, these people are very few, and rarely of whole or rational mind.

Prime: Green, with shades of Blue
Shadow: Violet, with shades of PurpleNether: Blue, with shades of Yellow
Celestial: Golden, with shades of SilverInfernal: Red, with shades of Black
Radiant: Orange, with shades of GreenNecrotic: White, with shades of Gray.

it should be noted that Veil Gates are not the only generally occurring transition place.

There are areas where the Veil is thin and threadbare, and places and spaces where the Veil has been torn or ripped, and these places are always dangerous, especially if they happen to link to a tear in a different dimension on some other plane (or even within the Mortal Plane itself).

Fairie spaces are a common example of this, passages that have been created between the dimensions.

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