This website is about a campaign that is starting up February 3rd, 2024. The website serves as a repository for my player group, but if you are reading this and not a part of that group, well, it is also there for you to take a look at stuff.

The core stuff you will need for the world as a setting is the Codexalia Wyrldica, which is the lore book. You can use the regular 5e rules with it if you want. The setting is difficult to explain, but basically it is the product of five years of me asking my players what they wanted and me figuring out how to make it available to them.

The Incarnalia Wyrldica is the PHB equivalent, which talks about making characters. We don’t use a “normal” set of rules. We have a spell point system and more ability scores and we’ve kinda dropped all the classes in favor of our own and stuff like that. We are a crazy bunch of role playing enthusiasts, but again, feel free to use it, but be aware that it is likely not “balanced’ to work with your world.

There is also a book chock full of House Rules. Like the others, you can find the link to it on the Downloads page.

The game is based on much of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, incorporates many aspects of the new version from the playtesting phases for the 2024 books, and and the whole deal is being set up to tell the story of the Party of Adventurers who go from total newbies to the leading figures of the day, and make changes to the world along the way.

In game terms, this means going from 1st Level up to 20th Level, and having a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

As I finish the other parts, they will become available as well.

I have created systems that we use here for different things. Those are also available for download. Again, for free. About the only thing that likely won’t be made available any time soon is Adventures. And the reason for this is pretty simple: I write outlines and then react to the players.

The basic model is a player driven sandbox akin to a west marches type of game — my different groups of players will be active on the world at the same time, and my job as the DM is to react to what they do as they explore the world that is laid out in front of them.

You can download the complete books as they become available here: The Books and Stuff. That page also has some of the strange mechanics I have created over the years and adapted to this setting in particular as separate downloads.

Welcome to Wyrlde.

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