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Gods, Demigods, and other Powers of the World

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Faith In Wyrlde

The Powers of Wyrlde This world has a host of Powers That Be, but they are neither ineffable nor are they omniscient. They are petty, cruel, kind, benevolent, capricious, and as varied in their temperaments as any person is from another. They can have understandable motivations and they do not always react like we tend […]

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Powers That Be Quick Reference

Deities Each character has three deities they can choose to follow. One is always their primary, and the others are ones they have been consecrated for. You can choose from any of the deities available. These are recorded as your Faiths: Principal, Secondary, Tertiary. You do not have to pick three, and you can choose […]

Codexalia Wyrldica Cosmology Critteralia Mythalia The Powers That Be

Denizens & Their Relations

The Planes and the Dimensions that are that laid out within them are all inhabited by beings of greater power as well as mortals and lesser beings. Those beings of greater power are all ultimately the Children of the Powers that Be, and the descendants of those Powers, and they operate within the Mortality as […]

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