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Codexalia Wyrldica Incarnation The Imperial World

Gender Role Ideals

Characteristics (Ideals) Idealized characters have certain common traits. Here we will list them out for Women, Men, and Enbies. Womanhood Benevolent Kind Gentle Caring Warm Empathic Helpful Compassionate Collaborative Cooperative Humble Honest Faithful Respectful Patient Charitable Honorable Generous Supportive Moneywise Disciplined Intelligent Cunning Well Informed Organized Resilient Enduring Suffering Understanding Self-Sacrificing Dedicated Courageous Devoted Noble […]

Character Codexalia Wyrldica

Character Development

This section strikes between Heritage and Homeland, as a part of the process of figuring out your character. Wyrlde is a setting for Role Playing, according to Tinghabel, although I find the thought that I am someone‚Äôs imagination to be a bit annoying, because believe me, it hurts to get stabbed, or fall down, or […]

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