Digital Map Status

Digital Map Status

So I picked up some new software — Affinity — and used it to clean up some of my map stuff for a digital version. Likely to change slightly again, as I have a digitizer coming, but it will be similar in the end. This gives me a large scale HD map I can use with my digital tools that is appropriately set up, lol.

This particular format also lets me do this as a “halfworld” — the map size covers about half a planet or so.

The extension of the overall map (it was originally square) also has a bonus effect in that it let’s the East become more unexplored. Given the survivor’s of the God’s War that banded together had to walk around a hell of a lot, this does a pretty good job of giving me a strong idea that matches the hand drawn version, as well.

This was taken from the hand drawn version — and my big problem is that I am still learning to use wonderdraw, which is the tool for creating the overall surfacing.

Getting a version of the hand drawn into wonderdraw that has been “clean” has been a challenge. With the coming tablet, I expect my campaign maps will improve as well — there is a lot of stuff I have available now.

I might even be able to get a “pretty” character sheet.

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