The Rangers of Wyrlde are the remnants of a long lost order of warriors who fought on the far side of the battle lines in the God’s War. They, themselves, know it only as a tradition, one that stretches back as long as possible. This is akin to the way we view the stories of King Arthur – it is a noble and ancient way of doing things whose origins are probably mythical, possibly with some truth to it, but who really knows.

Rangers patrol the Wylde, either solo in small groups of never more than seven. They have an especially fierce loathing for Goblins and Kobolds, and their training incorporates much of this. Rangers are usually the first people to identify an incursion, a warren, or similar places where the Dread races are making an appearance; if they do their job well, they will be the only ones that know.

Rangers tend to value the idea of anonymous defense, for they see themselves as the protectors of both civilization and the Wylde, having gone more native than they will admit over the centuries, and becoming less inclined to live or visit cities.

Rangers usually come out of Villages or Towns, not Cities, and are by and large the same as the PHB and XGE options.

Creating a Ranger

Creating a Ranger is the same, with the additions of starting age and Favored Enemies.

Favored Enemies Options

On Wyrlde, Rangers get both the type of favored enemy and the two races bonuses.

Rangers can choose any one of the following Monster Types as an enemy:

Aberrations Dragons Monstrosities
Beasts Elementals Oozes
Constructs Fiends Plants

In addition to this, all Rangers have Goblins and Kobolds as favored enemies.

Proficiencies Options

Weapons: Firearms, Explosives, Glaive

Skills: Firearms, Explosives


All Archetypes in the PB and XGE are available.

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