Hero Points & Sanity Score

Hero Points & Sanity Score

Wyrlde makes use of two optional rules from the Dungeon Master’s Guide called Hero Points and Sanity Score.

Hero Points

Your character starts with 5 hero points.  Each time you increase a level, you will lose the existing hero points and regain an additional 5 points plus one half your character level, rounded down.

Hero point are spent by you to perform heroic actions or recover from very unheroic ones. Remember, you are the heroes of this campaign.

Any time you make an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you can spend a hero point before the results are applied.

Spending a hero point allows you to roll a 1d6 and add it to the d20 roll.

You can only spend one hero point per die roll.

You can also spend Hero Point whenever you fail a death saving roll.

Sanity Score

Sanity is rolled on 4d6, discarding the lowest result, giving a range of 3 to 18. It is an aspect of wisdom and intelligence, and the modifier for it is equal to the modifier for both of those, divided by two, rounded down. This is your Sanity score, used for effects related to fear, madness, dread, and terror.

Sanity Checks

A Sanity Check is rare, but used when encountering something that might threaten the characters sanity that is abstract – the ideas, or trying to wrap your mind around something, or encountering a concept that is inconcievable.

Sanity Saving Throws

Sanity Saves are performed whenever you run the risk of succumbing to madness due to something that is concrete – a madness effect, seeing some kind of extra planar being without the form they take, direct contact with the mind of an incredibly alien being, and psionic related attacks.

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