Complete site change coming

Complete site change coming

Not that anyone bothers to read any of this stuff, lol, but the entire site is about to get a major change in terms of content.

The overall organization will stay the same, but I am going to bring the whole site up to snuff with the current setting materials and get caught up with the game functions and such. Going to end my Roll20 account and some others, and shift all my stuff here entirely and wholly.

THis will make this site the Lore and Rules repository, and using the CC SRD I can finally cross the rubicon and have the site support the books. Yes, Books, lol.

Digital and print. Digital is sized to work with the tablets and such that I have fallen for (though not kindle e-readers), so those android, surface, and iPad tablets will be able to use the kindle app and you can do it on the laptop or desktop, too.

The Print books will be 8 inch square books, and all of them available through Amazon.

There will be a pdf posted that has images eventually — likely after I finish the magic stuff, so probably in May. The Atlas will be a bit of a horror story, since getting a big ole copy of the world ma into a digital format is way harder than it sounds, but I will make it happen.

I did get myself a printed copy — it will go into my new set up for virtual spaces. Framed and all.

I have to do the editor stuff with the Wyrlde Book, which is a pain in the ass but a critical part of the process, but it will wait as I now have March to finish the Handbook in.

The handbook – Encyclopedia Wyrldica — will have all the assorted rules and other odds and ends that will go into things, but is mostly for the classes and races and all that rot.

The coolest part, for me, anyway, is that once I have the site reset, then updates will be made here. Expansions to stuff (psionics!), more trivia lore, additions and all that, is that while there are books, this place becomes the living and perpetual repository as long as I live.

I thank the folks who occasionally stumble across it.

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