Update: Feb 2 2024

Update: Feb 2 2024

So, been a while again. Real life does that to hobbies.

Ok, so, the first two books are nearly finished, and I will be starting the upload of them within the month.

The first book is the Wyrlde Book. turns out it will be available as a kindle book after all, and I will be uploading the key part s of it here. It is the Lore book for the setting.

The second book is the Opus of Wyrlde, which will over character creation rules and will also have its sections uploaded here.

Unfortunately, this all means a LOT of removing of existing material, and since I have to update the server as well, the phrase “shit happens” is on repeat in my life right now. However, this does give me a chance to look at it all and see what all changed, lol.

Final hard deadline is January 6th, 2024 for the first game. It will be an online only game.

The format for the kindle will be sized to the standard iPad screen, which is a nifty thing I figured out, and there will be a priceir printed version in paperback that will be set up using a different layout. In the kindle format, each of the first two books will be right around 550 pages. If they were to be printed, they would by 6 inches tall by 9 inches wide. And cost a fortune because holy cow a 500 page book is pricey, lol.

That’s why the shift in format for Printed — and links will be available.

The whole thing will still be a full on PDF, and that will go up first.

My ongoing challenge with the cultures is a big issue, mostly because I was having a hard time deciding what needed to be there for game purposes and what needed to be there for lore purposes, and I finally reached a point where I can do that. Both books will be finished the end of this month.

Monsters and magic is next, and wow, have I made some changes there to magic. Playtesters like it although they don’t like running out of energy, lol. There is some question about psionics now or as a later productions. I am presently leaning to later because I am exhausted after doing Runes and Power Words.

I will note that this is the only place I will be using the images I found on google. And there will be a bit of a rebranding and stuff going on. In short — it gonna be a whole new world!

going to be a lot of fun for me.

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