No, haven’t forgotten…

No, haven’t forgotten…

Still chugging away at the whole of the world. I have been expanding and detailing the Wyrldebook, but it ended up breaking out into a larger set of stuff, even as I am finalizing the basics around the campaign.

So much stuff

I decided when they started up with One D&D that I would delay start to January of 2024. That gives me a bit more than a year to clean up, finalize, and set this site up to support everything. I have tried things like WorldAnvil and the rest, but I just don’t think in that way, and while they are absolutely great for figuring things out, I have come to the realization that I am way too “homebrew” for them to genuinely be useful.

So I am rethinking a lot of things, lol.

In the year and change since my last update, I have had to revisit all the classes. I still have the ones that were a promise — there are still magical girls, and there are still gunslingers. I added witches, but as I started walking down the bits and pieces that were added in over the last few years (it is 2022 as I write this and I started it up in 2019)

I have revamped magic as a whole, much to my shock. That happened in late spring, early summer of 2022. I sat down and really looked at magic points. That meant that a lot of stuff got examined more closely, and that in turn led to a lot more stuff.

I also opted to simplify a lot of things. My original plans were way too much fuckign work. And I am lazy.

but I also committed to a more deeply felt idea of “this is the thing that the rest has to work around”. And as a result, I am in a slightly better space.

I broke up the Wyrlde book into several smaller parts, to make working on them easier. One for character creation. One for the crunchier rule stuff that I am adding. One for the Myths and stories that will come about. One for magic, all by itself.

I also broke into the races and really dug into that, as well as homelands and classes and slowly but surely I have been reconfiguring a lot of stuff.

At the time I am writing this, I just finished doing the outline and basics for the Gladiator Games, and also basically added in Mortal Kombat. I created some card games and domino games and dice games. I am putting thought into creating a tarot deck that is specific to the world.

in short, a lot of what is here right now is different and changed already — but there is a lot that is the same. As I go, I have updated the maps of the world, and slowly but surely it is becoming even more fascinating a work.

So, I will be setting aside four hours every sunday to work on it more. and at least one of those hours will be devoted to uploading and correcting stuff here. Setting it up so that each post is a piece of the world.

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