Hello world!


Hello world!

This site is associated with the ongoing development and ultimate repository for the Wyrlde campaign setting written for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. Given that the first major draft of just the stuff for players is 180 or so pages, I figure that I should probably go ahead and put it up online in some form, and the existing services just don’t appeal to me.

So here I go. 

My name, by the way, is Dr. Antonia Elle D’orsay, PhD, MS, MA. I started playing D&D back in 1979/1980 or so. In 1997, I basically stopped — host of reasons, blah blah — but now I am returning to the task of at the least creating a series of adventures that will take characters from level one (well, really, level 0) all the way up to Level 25.

Here, though, call me Antelle. Goddess of Mystery, Fun, Light, and Life, one of The Seven, a Shadow God.  And hope that I don’t lose my track here.  I just spent a week of evenings writing a massive players tome.

Be kinda sad if I got lost in the world stuff…

The campaign is aimed to be played starting in January of 2020. So I should have all the time I need to make this something worth remembering.

Here’s the draft of The World Book.

Goddess of Change, Mystery, Wonder, and Fun
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