Devpost 6/30/2019

Devpost 6/30/2019

So, I broke through some of the blocks I have and finished Lemuria and Matsaki. uploaded a few of the already done ethnicities, will upload the others as time permits.

My house is a mess — all I have done the last month is work, sleep, and do this. Eating has not been a priority. The results are pretty wonderful in terms of work and this, but the rest is kinda needing attention.

Decided to print out a new full copy of the Wyrldebook, but my printer ran out of toner a little less than halfway through. Teaches me to go cheap — I got more than I would have out of the inkjet I have for less money, but it was supposed to be a full 6k pages, not a measly 600.

I ordered a new regular one for later this week. I miss my supplier in Phoenix — they had the cartridges for about half the price, and they took old ones back for a decent exchange value.

Staying within range still. Which is good. I trimmed my list down a little bit, added a section on ships, a bit about some festivals, odds and ends. I should probably do a section on a few other things, but eh.

Completed the Cambion and Elohim. I had a wild hair and so inserted it in, but I thought it would be nice to visit the notion of the proto-indo-european gods. I may explore them some more down the road if there is time and energy.

Haven’t worked more on the character sheets. I will be satisfied with what I have for now — I might want something pretty to look at, but what I need is something functional to use. Maybe one day I will be able to pay someone to design one for me.

Next up on my list is Sibola. I have to do it — it is the Father of Cities, after all. The most traditional of the ethnicities in the sense of usian thought. It is also where my take on the Ravenloft series is located, so it really needs some attention. A slavic-germanic take as opposed to the latinized stuff, it will be a darker, more rough place. Not a lot of freedom there, and a hell of a lot of serfs.

After that I do the steampunk influenced Liones, the latinized Qivira, and the nomadic stuff (poly-, mela-, austro-nesian influenced Islandia, the NA native influenced Cahokia, and the conanless Hyborea of the Therians.

So almost there.

Below is the current version.

The interesting thing will, for me, be seeing how it changes as I develop out the specifics to the adventures. Those will add details that I can hint at, or foreshadow, or even just outright state.

It won’t have any real effect on character development or general rules, though, so I feel fairly safe there.

Writing Matsaki was interesting to do. The name is one of the Seven Cities of Cibola, the culture is an adaptation of the Arabian Nights style stuff, and draws from some odd things. People are always fascinating.

One of the fun things is that I recognize just how much different from today the way of thinking in the middle ages and dark ages was. I sng from it, keeping the traditional perception alive, but I also play with it.

There are a lot of stories to be told. Wyrlde has, I am estimating, around two million people. And the gods want lots of babies, so there isn’t much in terms of birth control that is effective. In a year, a woman can give birth four times. It will be a theme I think I will encourage mentioning as the play goes on — how women are always pregnant, except the party, and that will include other adventurers.

It will build on some recurring themes of feminism and racism that are there, mostly as ways to drive home certain failures of human habit. From a game perspective, it won’t mean shit. But it helps to make the world seem a bit more alive, and give some decent background conflicts for characters.

I always did make some really fascinating characters.

ok, enough of this. Gotta go and clean. Maybe.

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