Update 09082023

Update 09082023

Variant form of a devpost, I guess, lol.

I updated the story of Daisy and the Devil in Durango. The story sorta came into my head while browsing a section on the DDB website. It kinda sucks for me that I find it not all that ex iting for me, but I am sorta off in a very different headspace from a lot of folks there, and I can say I have snagged a few good dieas, so it isn’t a complete waste — but honestly, the only real value for me is the spells, monsters (to a degree) and sourcebooks in a form i can look up on my tablets.

This is the curse of being this distinctive. Shit happens. Mebbe if’n i was less about me, and more aout what so many other people want…

lol, anway…

Ha a lot of fun with the language thing. I will pick at it here and there as I move on, tweaking the possible letter combinations and default values. I will get around to developing out a font for it, as well. Among the peculiar things I have in my head are the “alospell” font from the ALO arc of Sword art online (which had some impact), the automemory font from Violet Evergarden, and then just the idea of glowing runic forms floating in space — but having a complexity to each one.

Doing it, combining them makes me want to try designing it myself, which is kinda bad, lol, but I may also say screw it and drop it on a credit card. Some strange rules to it:

  1. multiple strokes per character
  2. use of rounded corner, oblong central forms
  3. long ascenders and descenders
  4. capable of being done with a brush or finger tip
  5. each one representing a particular sound, so filling out a larger section of the unicode area
  6. so, like, the letter “A” might have five strokes to it (which would be an average), one of which will be a long stroke going up or down, another would be a curving stroke to form the body.
  7. Would have a “script” form be the lower case, and a “printed” form be the uppercase.

Would have to set aside all the ALT+key spaces for special characters and create a cheat sheet for them all. I mean, I am not above using other scripts for my own stuff, mind you:

dēl hawl qan mukravuh kioutar shil me’onyar sōl tont shil mēses shil moēl qan hinstirant la’estor lal shil sawl nēsh shil sīhyir sātar noēk uhn shēt sōl lurrs lith sām dēl hawl

The above is taken for the story for Daisy — her personal touchstone is a plaque that carries the second of the Charter Laws that she is supposed to enforce.

All people are born free and equal in dignity and rights and so are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

The bit looks ok in a couple of general fonts, but note that they don’t have special characters for the long vowels. so those jump out. And heaven forbid I have to do it with one of the IPA fonts — I put too much effort into coming up with some way to show them in a way that makes it possible to pronounce them as they are being read.

And having to re-learn the fuucking IPA stuff was annoying as hell to me because OF COURSe my gargantuan ego was offended that someone did the whole process and didn’t bother to consult me on a way to make it so it didn’t annoy me.

LOL that is the way of it. I really am glad that thing is so big it is too busy invading other universes to actually get in the way here.

Xh is a guttural, back of the throat x. I am probably going to cut out the vh sound. But, knowing that, you can figure out how to pronounce everything. Not a biggie, in any case, but it gives an idea of the challenges I face internally around doing a script and why I have set aside the language stuff over and over again. Bow, however, I will at least put together a few additional ones, and give them their own set ups here so that I can at least have more than just trade/common/guild cant.

IN other updates, i have pretty much finished the collision of the once two books back down into a single one. THe addition of the language bumped the page count up a tad bit, but life goes on.

In an case, the rules remain the same at this point for all Bright languages. Progenic ones (dread languages) are a separate issue, and while the vocabulary base is in common, the rest can differ kinda dramatically.

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