DevPost: sept 8th 2023

DevPost: sept 8th 2023


A dice chain, in evens, from d2 to d30 gives a huge number of options.

d2, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d14, d16, d18, d20, d22, d24, d26, d28, d30. Drop the coin flip and slide in the d% and you get the same thing but with a shift to probabilities.

In my ideal set up, there would also be a d33 and a d50. For flexibility I would add in a d66 and a d25, lol. But these aren’t physically possible, although I could get them digitally, of course. I have a long standing bias against digital dice because of inherent problems with the underlying maths and how they treat multiple probabilities. Totally personal and silly, but there it is.

That Die Chain is a pain in the ass to assemble in a lot of ways, because several of those are not “standard D&D dice”, and I wouldn’t ask players to go on the hunt for hard to find specialty dice that often cost more, so I don’t use the strange ones for player side rolls.

And if I have a need, I can use my own, lol.

I am aware that there are odds that fit in between all of them, of course. A d3, d5, d7, and d9 wouldn’t be bad for me to have, I suppose, but I wouldn’t use them all that much. I don’t think well in odds. and truth be told, d4 is my least favorite die, lol. But also, those smaller increments don’t help with the larger maths.

I mention all of this because I don’t have a d26 or a d28 — and so I just ordered some. They will have some impact on the stuff I just posted, lol, but I am also still 3 months out from final, and I have a ton of stuff to finish, so little changes here and there don’t bug me.

Because I sorta want other folks to pick up with Wyrlde as well, I also have to be careful in how I employ them on the DM side for stuff — because I also don’t want other DMS to have to run out and deal with it. So that means coming up with dice equivalents, so that each part of the chain has both a single die and a combination that can be used.

In other news, yesterday the One D&D UA 7 was released. Tweaking some of the stuff that comes with it and adjusting the Aspects is a pain inthe ass, but fine. I have a LOT of conditions as a result, and need to work on a few more (i literally just realized a Bends condition was needed — cramping should do.

I would say that 70% of what I have done is add to the whole. The other 30% is just fitting it to the world (though from a player side perspective, that’s probably switched). Running through the ways that different things intertwine, the varied systems and sub systems — everything is connected now, so one change causes changes in other things like a ripple.

I do so love it.

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