DevPost Sept 10 2023

DevPost Sept 10 2023

30 pages of Tables for equipment, including the still growing list of trade goods.

Breaks down to around 50 distinct “shop based” tables, where some tables combine shops. Most are short — fewer than 20 items, and for the outfitting phase I only have the base price.

Hence the ever expanding Trade goods list, which will include all the items there, as a second portion of the larger table, and with prices across the realms.

It’s a lot, lol. But I confess to being kinda excited, because it allows me to have more detail, and useful detail.

This part is also important because it allows me to bring over the assorted “symbolism” items that will become important to crafting later down the road, and that also means I need to add more symbolism stuff, since all the crafting rules work on a strange combination of real-world influence and that alchemy-like sympathetic principle stuff.

Apparently I am pretty angry. I vented today in some really long rants about the history of D&D and some related stuff (including the future of D&D) and was surprised by the depth of my feeling about what I was writing. I apparently am really angry at a lot of things I am seeing.

THe Big Book is back over a thousand pages, and I haven’t added the new tables ofthe crafting start into it yet. And the Aspects are still missing. It will be bigger than I had thought in the end. No longer going to stress that — but I note that these days I have to do “chapter” work outside the big book and add it in.

Finally settled on new names for the different parts. That will be updated in the categories so that I can ultimately just use each of the sections and go through them here.

Deadline continues to be November 30th. 81 days left, lol.

My list of ‘still to do”:


  • Random Encounter lists
  • Environmental effects
  • Foraging

Herbs & Spices

Trade Goods

Guild List


  • Write up each independently, then drop back into the big book.

Homeland Tweaks to reflect changes in other areas, repeat some Imperial World Stuff.

Heritage Tweaks to reflect changes in other areas


  • Fortes
  • Proficiencies
  • Veiled Knowledge
  • Disciplines
  • Orders
  • Mysteries
  • Psychics
  • Esoterica


  • Good notes, now make it work.


  • Shop Types
  • Trading Zone prices plus default
  • Be sure to incorporate Homeland weapons & Armor

Rolls & Checks


  • Mounted clean up
  • Vehicular clean up

Critter Format

Clean up Combat


  • Damage Types Clean up
  • Conditions Clean up and expansion

Healing Clean up

  • Adding reincarnation, raise dead, resurrection.

Spell Lists (Do I shift back to class lists following UA 7, using the master lists for eligibility?)

Elemental Spells

Spell Descriptions


  • Fill in the damn table.
  • Provide examples of use to create spells

Words of Power

  • Write them out. Stop being lazy and avoiding it, lol.


  • You have the seven categories and the list of powers, now flesh it out.

Spell Descriptions

  • More notes on “converting existing”
  • Clean up new spells

Final Proofreading passes

  • Re-read from start
  • Use the autocorrect.

Some additional elements I am looking at, drawn from some questions asked in the DDB forums:

  • Crafting (!)
  • Spell Casting if thens
  • Spell Casting components
  • Strongholds
  • Moving up in the world, leadership roles
  • Monster Roles
  • Monster weaknesses (cold iron, silver, etc)
  • Minions
  • Skill challenges — multiple roll efforts with a present success/fail ratio.
  • Chases
  • Stealth – back to genuine stealth stuff, adjust invisibility rules.
  • Cumulative stacking limits — rule of 3.
  • Stronger magic item disbursement rules and guidelines
  • Bring back magic items, lol
  • Improved Vehicle & Mount rules across all vehicle and mount types

There was more suggested, but I am already working on those things as it is, so those are just the “re-check” and re-evaluate things.

Still torn about the spell lists being unified or by class, and I am starting to learn back to class but with the unified spell lists in reserve for Aspects so I can take advantage of that mechanic.

A final pass over on the abilities, skills, and such is coming up this next week, since I shifted things around there a bit. Mana is becoming more and ore important a score, so I need to watch it and balance it with knowledge

The idea that someone can put their ASI points into skills as well as abilities is an interesting mechanic that will give proficiency greater import and kinda bring back that feel from those heady 2e days. It was enough to shift me from 1 point to two points, because I am not big on scores going above 24.

break time.

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