DevPost July 18 2023

DevPost July 18 2023

I got a wild farking hair up my hind end, and went back to one of the earliest formations for the content: a single book.

Not sure if I will keep it, but I am honestly pretty tired of trying my best to make it all fit into limitations imposed by systems and tools that work for others and not for me. I am that kind of contrary, lol.

I mean, hell, I am essentially rewriting D&D, so why the fuck not, you know?

The Codexalia Wyrldica is the combined version. Close to a thousand pages, and likely by the time I finish it will be a thousand pages, because I am not going to stress a lot of stuff.

The impetus was, again, a desire to redo the world map, lol. I love creating maps, and so often I will get an urge to do that, and while I was able to resist this time, it did highlight a few things I don’t like about the current set up. I want better names for Towns (there are cities, there are towns, and there should be villages, as well). I want to combine the information tat was mixed into the rule book witht5 he setting book, because some of that setting stuff bled over.

And above all else, I want the classes to truly and really be part of the world — all of which was feeding into the desire to redo the world map.

But iit also highlighted something missing — names of rivers, of of forests, of mountains and all that rot. So I will be putting a bunch of that into things.

It won’t change what I have going on here — that is, what I do set up will end up here, if it isn’t already here first (some of the recent posts have included minor corrections and additions).

The ability to ease through some of the duplications, and combine aspects is proving useful, but isn’t getting me to move forward ont he parts I am being stubborn about. Which is fine — it is one of those things.

Oneof the nicest bits is that I can start adding in additional details and ideas — and I am narrowing down the nature of the sword skills and how they operate. Fighters will definitely be able to hold thier own here.

Ok, off to keep working, even though I started this post yesterday.

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