Devpost 2023 Sept 17

Devpost 2023 Sept 17

The one about Spells…

So, it wasn’t in my original plans, but a series of playtesting conflicts and a big ass thread on DDB followed by some general researching led me to realize i needed to rewrite the damn spells.

It is a slow process, I hate doing it, and I am bouncing back and forth between Spells, Aspects, Crafting, Psionics, Classes, and Encounter Tables, doing tweaks to Equipment/Mounted/Vehicle/General combat, and generally adding in little stuff to the main existing body that doing all of this other stuff pulls up or brings to my attention (like the Planar Reference Table, which is necessary for the classes and the Magic shit.

For the purposes of Spells, I have had to include Poison and Acid as elemental effects, and I am kicking myself for not thinking of them sooner, even as I keep looking at stone and going “wtf? Why are you separate from earth?” before remembering that I also added two new damage types: Abrasion and Crushing. Sand causes abrasion, and crushing is from stone and falls and being buried. I am purposefully leaving out the ability for the most part to protect magically against crushing damage.

At least by *spells*. Magic items are a different matter.

So I also have a major list of all the different damage types — and those, in turn, tie into the conditions that I have (also expanded). Because some elemental damage has conditions attached to it.

This whole setup is kinda needed because when I am dealing environmental damage, I use the conditions associated with different elemental stuff and apply effect related to that elemental type.

It will take about two weeks to finish the spells. And the rest is going to be at least as rough — Aspects are kind of a nightmare, I hadn’t realized the 5e designers had gone quite that overboard, but I am cleaning it up and yeah, a few of them have fallen by the way.

I still haven’t decided what to do about the grouping of deeply connected abilities I pulled out, but odds are good I will just fold them into the main body, especially as I have 7 kinds of Aspects now, and that’s pretty much my limit for such things.

I also have to add certain tags en masse to certain posts: ttrpg, rpg, 5e, D&D, One D&D, etc. That will be close to the end, and you’ll know if you subscribe because you will have like a week of 10, 15 posts a day as I upload the entire thing.

When i do that, however, it will be a much more granular approach than I have been using. Going down to the 5th degree heading for each post, so I can sort them more akin to the table of contents. I might just stick to the third level, though, so who knows.

Actually, that’s a good question — does WP have a ToC or Indexing feature? Guess I should look…

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