Devpost 2023 Sept 11

Devpost 2023 Sept 11

So, still working on the Equipment tables.

Got to eh part with vehicles, and I realized I needed to put in some bits and pieces about vehicles and the mechanics around them, and that meant lookin up the nature of the vehicles in place right now, and then that led through a chain of events to my needing to revisit the Speed of Travel stuff, create the measures for close combat with vehicles and their speeds, and all of that in turn led to my essentially revisiting the entire environment section.

Tii sis the point at which I am at, where one change in one thing ripples throughout the entire work, and let me tell you, with all of *this* linked to crafting, it got really hairy really fast.

But I just keep plucking away at it all.

Floods are a problem I need to learn more about before I tackle them, so that knocks the flash flood and tidal wave stuff out for now. Will come back to it eventually.

Created a temperature system so I can deal with extremes of heat and cold — and use that in other ways as well. That ties into the conditions of frostbite and heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It also impacts the Biomes, and I may have to revisit those tables a bit to account for windspeed (another thing I whipped up), temperature, and storm chances.

Cancel that, just typing that out tells me I have to already.It also tells me I need to push up Biomes before the effects, so, um, yeah. Changes, lol.

For vehicles, I settled on a basis drawn from the 5e setup that exist (like much of what I have done) and simply gave them little tweaks.

Capacity: vehicles have a passenger and crew capacity, expressed in number of adult bodies.

Pilot: Vehicles require a Pilot, though some will also require other positions. Pilots have a Piloting skill modifier (using the expanded skill system) for different types of vehicles. Piloting skill is added to Handling to determine a base number for DC (if the number is higher than the DC, the effort succeeds, if equal or lower, then a roll must be made).

Cargo: Vehicles have a cargo capacity, expressed in pounds

Hull: Hulls have an ac and a hp for the body of the vehicle.

Helm: helms have an ac and hp for the control center of the vehicle.

Handling: Vehicles have a handling score (that is rolled against the dc of a maneuver). Handling uses the Proficiency of Piloting, adding one’s piloting score to the role. Piloting is a Knowledge ability to figure out, but an actual skill to use.

Turn Radius: Space needed to turn around.

Propulsion: Vehicles have a means of propulsion.

Speed: Vehicles have different types of movement (wheels, propeller, wings, sails, oars, skis, team, engine) with different speeds. This is the same speed rating as given to living creatures. Speed impacts the DC of Maneuvers.

Acceleration: The amount of time, in rounds, it takes a vehicle to reach Speed score, in rounds.

Weapon mounts: Vehicles will have between 0 and 20 weapon mounts, and each weapon will have its own HP and normal metrics. Means adding a table to the equipment, since those weapon mounts can be all kinds of things — but I am also keeping it simple because, well, I have a deadline.

Actions: All vehicles get actions, just like people. This is mostly for things other than “move” — and can include attacks using weapons.

Maneuvers: The movement actions that a vehicle can take. This will feed into a chase set up (basically a series of Handling rolls against the DC of different maneuvers).

And because of all of that, I get to add Sideswiping, Collision, and Ramming to combat actions for those characters who move really fast (Speeds greater than 120).

Figuring out that all meant looking more deeply into the way that Speed is calculated, and that led to me realizing that Speed is essentially a score of its own. Not that I ma making it that sort, but this was interesting to see:

Speed Equivalents

When you realize that a character can travel 300 feet in a minute, and you apply that to tings beyond people, it all gets interesting, lol. For example, the Dorado Train travels 250 miles per day (one square). That’s 83 miles in a single 8 hour period. Or 10 miles an hour. Which is a Speed of 88, or nearly three times faster than typical character. But remember I have two special “Combat Options” relating to speed that can boost a character up to a speed of 60 or 90 for a minute. Seems unreasonable that a character can put on a burst of speed and beat a train going full out, lol.

Seems slow, doesn’t it? That’s because I set the 250 a day thing without realizing how fast it really was over a 24 hour period. So, now it can travel faster. 750 miles a day. That’s 3 grid squares on the main map, which is a huge area already. Now it travels 250 miles in an 8 hour period. That makes the Speed of the train about 275 or so.

The reason for the extra stuff is because if that Train, now moving at 30 miles an hour, hits you, you gonna feel it. So rules for something moving at speed count — and they do crushing damage.

I may even boost it a bit and make it a full 1000 miles a day. Not sure yet. I know that ships can do 200 miles in a day, for a speed of 225, at full sail. Or 25 miles an hour.

And all of that is then adjusted by the whole Travel Pace thing, which I also expanded a tiny bit. So a ship that wants to can double its speed for an hour.

ANd that means I need to add in “building up speed” as a metric. The 0 to 60 metric, basically. Acceleration. Different vehicles will need time to reach maximum speed, in rounds.

For Maneuvers, I am looking at the following so far:








It is still in progress, and I will likely bounce back and forth between several tables, but there will be the ability to do chases and have naval battles of a sort, lol.

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