The Seven Planes

The Seven Planes

The many different planes are all inhabited by other beings. If the current theory holds, then every person on Wyrlde has a match in a different dimension, but those beings aren’t always people, like us, even if they are, in fact, people who have once existed and passed on.

The Seven Planes each have their own structure, their own way of being. We call each of the Dimensions within each plane a particular thing, often from concepts handed down through the eons by the Ancient Ones. Each of them can be startlingly different in and of themselves. The Dimensions are all separated from each other by a Veil, and the veils are separated by the Pale, and so they connect and sit beside each other, each occupying the exact same space but still set apart by the Veils. This is readily shown by the status of the Dimensions of the Mortality: Ephemeral, Fairywilde, Astral, and Ethereal. Each plane reflects these same four things back throughout, and so some correlation can be made among (such as the Heaven, Fairywilde, Hell, Euthania, Limbo, Luck, and Pandemonium correlation).

It is key to note that each Plane has people who are beholden to it, and that at least one of the Inner Planes in each of the Outer Planes is essentially a complete mirror of Wyrlde. These complete mirrors are called The Seven Mortal Realms, for they are the central aspect of each of the planes in the same way that Mortality is the center of the Mortal Plane.

The Seven Planes are Mortal, Celestial, Infernal, Nether, Shadow, Radiant, and Necrotic.

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