Daily Timekeeping

Daily Timekeeping

A Day starts at Dawn and ends at the close of Night. The days are solar based and tracked by its movement. The typical Day has about 12 Wyrlde hours of sunlight and 12 hours of night, with an hour on each side (two hours total in the morning and two total at night) being a bit of flexibility depending on the vernal and autumnal equinoxes and the Summer and Winter solstice points.

Bit1 secondShift2 Bells (8 hours)
Moment/Round6 secondsPeriod6 Chimes
Minute60 secondsDay24 Hours
Turn10 minutesWeek (Watchnight), Sennight7 Days
Hour60 minutesFortnight14 Days
Chime24 MinutesHoldnight21 Days
Bell10 Chimes, 4 HoursMonth28 Days

Time is tracked simply. As with much of the calendar, the basis of much of this is ancient edicts that no one wants to mess with, having agreed on common standards. Hours and Periods are not used much by most folks, they tend to think in terms of Chimes and Bells. A period is used to identify when it is time to take a turn long break, though.

A Shift is two Bells and constitutes the main working hours. Wyrlde’s rulers like to make people work three bells, but the people tend to ignore that whenever possible and stick to just two.


Days are broken up into Bells. The Bells are:

DawnMorningAfternoonDuskEvening Night.

Bells ring out once at the start of each Bell period. Each Bell is divided into ten sections called Chimes (when Chimes are rung), and those in turn are broken into ten further sections that are called Turns. The clocks of Wyrlde are rare, expensive, and track time in Turns and Chimes within Bells, with a small image dial indicating the Bell. The Sibolan clocks track only a single Bell of time, so there are six complete revolutions each day. Lyonian clocks have ten Hour marks, each divided into six Turns, with the face shaded to show three Bells. They have further markings to break the time into smaller increments.

Days of the Week

Wyrlde hasn’t truly named the days of the week. Most would argue that there is no need to. There is a developing convention of doing so using the following set up:

Rest Day (1)Hearth Day (2)Faith Day (3)Field Day (4)
Hall Day (5)Passage Day (6)Veil Day (7) 


Dates on Wyrlde currently follow the reign of the New Empire. This was when the current House ascended to the throne of Sibola and held it against challengers.

The format is pretty much the day, month, and year of the Empire. So today is 27th Rest, 299th YNE (Year of the New Empire).

Some who have come from elsewhere have noted that the calendar and time seems far too regular. When asked about it, Chicory rolls her eyes and says take it up with the gods. The Gods look embarrassed and avoid the subject. Acacia says it is a sore spot, and that the Powers that Be made it that way on purpose – but it was an unintentional side effect of something else.

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