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The Boonies

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Codexalia Wyrldica

The Codexalia is finished. Anything new will appear in the Incarnalia, and anything I do in it has to work with what I’ve set up in the Codexalia. Thank you for all your patience. PDF Direct Link: Codexalia Wyrldica

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Environmental Conditions

Weather Different Weather Environments have different effects. Wyrlde has Magic, Powers, Spirits, and more than can all affect weather on a local, regional, or large scale, in addition to the normative weather patterns. Extreme Temperatures Equiv (°F) Temp (°W) Common Level Effects Frequency of Checks -50 -5 Fatally Cold DC 25 Vitality + DC20 Con […]

Codexalia Wyrldica Critteralia Wyrldica Natural World

Critteralia Briefs

Critteralia For much of the last 40 years, a booklet is often found among the hands and in the hearts of many folks of the land. Typically fashioned of a rough paper, printed on a press, bound in a thick cover, and scattered throughout the land, they are nearly ubiquitous. It is certain that at […]

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