The Wyrlde Book – Status

The Wyrlde Book – Status

So, this site is essentially intended to be an online version of the actual Wyrlde Book. Long term, it will provide all the assorted bits and pieces of the setting, from a player’s perspective, so that folks can see what it is like.

Short term, however, i t is meant to mirror the stuff that is being provided to the players themselves, a full on Compendium specific to Wyrlde.

Right now, as I type this, it is 349 pages long. It uses a single column approach, and the text is legible at a distance, because, well, I am getting old and it matters that I can see stuff. The official books all use a double column approach.

The Book is going through changes almost daily. When I started up the site, it was around 100 pages, and the order of articles and such was different.

Below is the most current saved draft of it — I am currently working on the Ethnicities, so there are gaps in some and half finished in others, and so forth.

My current plan is to have one copy for each player printed out and put into a three ring binder with pockets and inserts for character sheets. Essentially a portable compendium and character record in one, lol.

The rest of it is mostly done. There have been tweaks to different aspects, and among the things I am likely to do is a much more robust description of the Gods individually, including things like their temples and such.

Comparing it to the text here might serve of value when it comes to seeing how things change and shift over time — one of the reasons that I pushed the start of the campaign out so far was that I wanted to be sure the setting worked together as a whole, internally, and that when I mention something in the book or an Adventure segment that it have at least a place int he world as a whole — and that there is a possibility that it might have been heard of.

One never knows where this kind of work will take one. But that is half the excitement of it, after all.

So, here you go. The Wyrlde Book as of June 15th, 2019.

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