Mahishojin Pact

Mahishojin are a very Wyrlde specific kind of Warlock.  They form a Pact, and that Pact always has a Price, but in exchange, they gain extraordinary power, although they do have some peculiar quirks to them. A term occasionally used to describe them is “magical girl”, and another term is “idol”. Mahini (general term for them) exist to “fight evil”, which in real terms means to oppose the machinations of The Five, get in the way of The Seven, and help hold the Dread Domain and Shadowfell in check.

Mahishojin are typically feminine, though masculine ones have been known to exist. They are usually very young when this pact is made, typically between 10 and 16 years of age.

Mahishojin are given gifts specific to a certain kind of nature, such as friendship, love, the moon, the stars, the planet, elemental gifts, and other abstract concepts. All spells and magic they use must feed into this, but the way that is expressed can be combative, supportive, defensive, protective, etc. This is called their Cause.

Mahishojin are usually part of a team or group, most often five in number (symbolic as it places them in opposition to The Five). Solo Mahini over the age of 16 have typically lost their team, or their team has disbanded.  One truth about Mahishojin is that they have a short life expectancy.

The Price that a Mahishojin must pay is always something near and dear to them. It could be their life should they stray from the terms of the pact, or their soul may be stored in one of their Focii, or it could be their emotions. The possible Price is always high and dear, but it is always under one of two conditions – they give it up to gain power, or they give it up should they abuse their power/stray from the terms of the pact.

Mahinin Focus

Mahishojin use a very specific set of powerful Focii that is given to them as part of the Pact, by which they are granted their powers. They can only be used by the Warlock they were gifted to, but can be handled by others. These Focii come in three forms: Armor, Tool, and Decoration. For them to access their full powers, they must have all three of these things.  They are awarded each of them initially over time by their Patron. They receive their Armor Focus at 1st Level, their Tool Focus at 2nd Level, and their Decoration focus at 3rd Level.

These focii have the unique quality of always returning to the Mahia or Mahio or Mahin (Feminine, Masculine, and Nonbinary, respectively) as long as they are within a 60 foot radius of them, though this takes a turn to call.

Mahishojin Focii can only be summoned for a maximum of two hours at a time, no more than five times. This is reset after a long rest (so five times per day, usually).

Armor Focus.

This Focus is granted them when they make their Pact, at first level. This focus must be summoned with a verbal command and somatic gesture (such as a spin, with arms raised and legs raised) ending with a “combat ready” pose, and this command always has something to do with the nature of their magic and their powers they are given. The Focus changes the character’s normal clothing and armor into the magical armor that is the focus, taking a full turn to do so, and usually involving a light show that obscures the character’s body, as they are stripped naked and the armor forms around them.

This focus is always a very, very exaggerated form of clothing or armor that may or may not cover or seemingly protect the entirety of the wearer. For Mahia, it is often an ornate, very feminine dress or skirt outfit, and includes hair styling and ribbons and bows and the like. For Mahio, it may exaggerate their size and muscle, while for Mahin, it may be a combination of factors that make it difficult to determine their gender.

The Armor focus also has a potent ability to make it difficult to recognize the Mahishojin as the PC in their daily life, acting as a disguise. To perceive them, one must make a Wisdom (perception) check with a CR of 15. This includes even if the Warlock tells others, who may not believe them.

The Armor focus gives the wearer an Armor Class of 12 + Dex Modifier + 5.

Tool Focus

Granted at 2nd Level, the Tool Focus when in use is a very ornately decorated Wand or Rod, though is usually capable of changing shape or form to make it less obvious what it is. It will return to them even if it is held or otherwise locked way by nonmagical means, though magical means can stop this. When not in use, it appears to be some ordinary item, such as a compact, charmulet, or other trinket.

The Tool Focus is used for casting any spell, including cantrips, the Mahishojin casts. It also functions as their pact weapon, changing shape to become that weapon in a fight.

Any spell cast requires they perform a ritualized series of moves, assume a specific stance, and speak a rhyming or alliterative statement that invokes their Patron, invokes their cause, describes the purpose of the effect, ending with the effect’s name. For example, casting a magic missile might mean they cry out “By the Power of Gaea, in the cause of Righteousness, to send you on a mission: Magic missile!” while doing a spin and pose, ending with the tool pointing at their target.

Decorative Focus

The decorative focus is always some sort of jewelry, such as a tiara, ornate necklace, ornate armband, ornate belt, special hat, hair decoration, etc. Granted at 3rd Level, it confers the Pact Boon on the character. It must be worn at all times and can be used even when the other foci are not in use, subject to the same limitations.


A Mahifamin is an extradimensional familiar that is gained at 1st level and follows the Mahishojin around everywhere.  They are not subject to the commands of the mahishojin, but can be asked to do something for them. Mahifamin are a fey creature, with the ability to cast Shield thrice per long rest, and can replace an attack by the mahishojin with its own reaction if they choose to do so.

Mahifamin are always cute, furry, blended animal creatures, typically between six and twelve inches tall, that fly. They share a hit die with the mahishojin, and the damage they take comes from the mahishojin, though they can only be harmed by magical attacks.

Expanded Spell List

Because of their Focii, mahishojin do not have a set spell list. They can, however, choose one spell  whenever they learn a warlock spell from the Cleric spell list per level at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th levels. It should be noted, as well, that Warlock spells may have similar effects, but very different “calls”, or spell names (so titled because the Mahini must call out their spell’s name).

Pact Boons
Pact of The Bright

At 3rd Level, when they obtain their Decorative Focus, the Mahishojin gains the ability to cast any three cantrips from any spell list. They can cast these cantrips at will, but only as long as they are wearing their Decorative Focus.

Patron Gifts
Know Evil

Gained at first level, Mahishojin do not get a choice of pact boon, but instead get the Pact of the Bright. You learn Detect Evil and can cast it at will. The spell does not count against any of your spells known.

Defy Evil

Starting at 6th level, you have learned to ward yourself against attack and can turn your enemy’s failed strike into good luck for yourself. When a creature makes an attack against you, you can use your reaction to impose disadvantage on that roll. If the attack misses you, your next attack roll has the advantage if you make it before the end of your next turn. Once you use this feature, you cannot use it again until after a short or long rest.

Ghost Evil

At 10th Level, you gain the ability to teleport behind an enemy in response to harm. When you take damage, you can use your reaction to teleport up to 10 feet, behind an enemy, gaining advantage. Once you use this feature, you cannot use it again until after a short or long rest.

Deny Evil

At 14th Level, you can face a creature who is evil (see description) and hurl it into a Gate. The creature disappears and hurtles through a nightmare landscape. At the end of your next turn, the target returns to the space it previously occupied, or the nearest unoccupied space. If the target is not a Celestial, it takes 10d10 Bright Damage as it reels from the horrific experience. Once you use this feature, you cannot use it again until after a long rest.

Eldritch Invocations

For obvious reasons, the Eldritch Invocations available to Mahishojin are not quite the same.

The following table lists the Eldritch Invocations available to them, which is still all of them, though the effects are somewhat different and the names are sometimes different.

Where (X) appears, this is their Cause. Where (P) appears, this is their Patron.

Sourcebook Name Mahishojin Call! Effects
Agonizing Blast Punishment! Name change only
Armor of Shadows Armor of Hope! Applies to one other person within 10 feet of the Mahini
Ascendant Step Leviosa! Name change only
Beast Speech Cute Commune! Name change only
Beguiling Influence For (X)! Name change only
Bewitching Whispers Soul Speak! Name change only
Book of Ancient Secrets The (X) Reveals! These are symbols that are inscribed magically on the Tool Focus
Chains of Carceri (P)’s Holdfast! Name change only
Devil’s Sight (X)’s Eyes! Can be applied to one other person within 10 feet of the Mahini.
Dreadful Word Look, Over There! Name change only
Eldritch Sight Reveal Magic! Name change only
Eldritch Spear Heart Punishment! Name change only
Eyes of the Rune Keeper (P)’s Revelation! Name change only
Fiendish Vigor Extra Life! Name change only
Gaze of Two Minds Shared Heart! Name change only
Lifedrinker Punishment in the Name of (X)!! Name change only
Mask of Many Faces Cover of (P)! Name change only
Master of Myriad forms Face Off, Face On! Name change only
Minions of Chaos Minion of (X)! Name change only
Mire the Mind (P) says Slow Down! Name change only
Misty Visions Misty Vision! Name change only
One With Shadows Unvisible! Name change only
Otherworldly Leap Leap of Faith Name change only
Repelling Blast (X) Punishment! Name change only
Sculptor of Flesh Abracadabra Other words available include Alakazam, Hocus Pocus, Oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang, Presto, and so forth.
Sign of Ill Omen Curse of (P) Name change only
Thief of Five Fates Curse of (X) Name change only
Thirsting Blade Super Focus! Name change only (note that the Focus tool is their Pact weapon)
Visions of Distant Realms (P) sees all! Name change only
Voice of the Chain Master Talk to me, Buddy! The familiar in this case is the Mahifamin.
Whispers of the Grave Tell me (Y) this to you! (Y) = who did, what happened, etc
Witch Sight (X) Shows the Truth! Name change only
Goddess of Change, Mystery, Wonder, and Fun
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