Firearms & Explosives

Firearms & Explosives


Doradan engineers in the Triskelion syndicate also developed Explosives, using the same principles that they used to create firearms. They have fashioned these into three forms, one of which has two additional variants.

Explosive Cost Weight Range Radius Damage Save Vs
Charge – Basic 300 gp 5 lb. 10’ 25’ 4d6 Dexterity, DC12
Charge – Sharp 500 gp 5 lb. 10’ 5’/10’ Cone 6d6 Dexterity, DC15
Grenade 175 gp .5 lb. 60’ 10’ 3d6 Dexterity, DC15
Grenade – Smoke 200 gp .5 lb. 60’ 30’ 1d6 Dexterity, DC 18
Grenade — Fire 200 gp 1 lb. 60’ 5’ 2d6 + 1d6/trn Dexterity, DC15
Ordnance Kit 15 gp 1 lb. 0 3’ 1d6 Dexterity, DC10

Charges come into types. Basic and Sharp. A Basic Charge can be of any basic shape, is around twelve inches (1 foot) in diameter, and when detonated affects an area in a 25 foot radius, dealing 4d6 damage to any creature who fails a Dexterity throw. A Sharp Charge is built to push most of the blast in a single direction, though it still has an effect. Sharp Charges are built for knocking holes in things. Due to their nature, charges can only be thrown about 10 feet.


Grenades are small objects of basic shape that are about 4 inches in diameter that can be thrown up to 60 feet away. A typical grenade will do damage in a 10 foot radius. A Smoke Grenade releases a thick, colored smoke that fills an area in a 30 foot radius. A Fire grenade spreads a thick, viscous gel that is ignited and will burn for up to ten minutes. In each case, a Dexterity save can be made to avoid it, but it is hard. Fire grenades will do an additional 1d6 in dmge for each turn the person is covered in the burning gel. The gel can be washed off, smothered, or otherwise treated like typical fire.


Wyrlde Firearms are fairly standardized, but extremely difficult to make. It is said that the Gods interfere. There are no burst fire weapons, though all are a form of revolver or breech loader. Reloading takes an action.

Ammunition comes in two sorts: Rounds and Shakes. Shakes are assembled through the firearms proficiency to break up, but they do not scatter widely. Rounds are hard pellets, typically of stone, shaped by the firearms proficiency with a toolkit. It takes an hour to shape 10 rounds unless one has a feat.

Weapon Cost Damage Weight Range Shots Notes
Hand Cannon 250 gp 1d10 piercing 5 lb. 20/60 2 Reload, dual allowed
Rifle 500 gp 1d12 piercing 10 lb. 40/120 5 2 handed, reload
Longtom 750 gp 3d4 piercing 15 lb. 60/180 1 2 handed, reload
Snuffer 250 gp 1d10 piercing 3 lb. 5/15 1 Rogue only, reload
Ammunition – Rounds 15 gp 1 lb. 10 10 rounds
Ammunition – Shakes 30 gp +2 piercing 1 lb. 10 10 rounds
Pistol, Doradan 1d12 piercing 5 lb. 30/90 5 Only Paladins, reload

Firearms were developed in Dorado, building on some ideas originally developed in Durango. They are made and sold chiefly there. Aside from the snuffer, the secrets to making firearms remain with the Doradan Syndic Kurgan, head of the Triskelion syndicate.

Hand Cannon

This is a large bore, two shot weapon, breech loading. Loading takes two hands. It can be dual wielded, but reloading takes 2 turns per cannon.


This is a large bore, revolver cartridge, version of the same, two handed, pop out revolver cartridge. It has a longer range.


This is an even longer-range rifle, used for hunting. It is typically loaded with Shakes rounds.


This is a smaller, lighter version of the Hand Cannon, developed in secret and found only in use among Rogue Assassins. Possession of a Snuffer is generally considered to be punishable by death. It can also be dual wielded.

Doradan Pistol

This is the height of firearms, and they are not made any longer, belonging to a very select group of Doradan Paladins. The skills to make them were lost in the God’s War, so every single pistol is a Legendary weapon. Someone who has one that is not of that group is subject to being hunted by someone from the Order of Roland and slain, without mercy or remorse. They can be dual wielded.

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