Ethnicity (general)

Ethnicity (general)


The Realms of Wyrlde are not that many, and while they are young, they have all had time enough and guidance enough to establish unique cultures that influence much about the people and the relationships on the planet.

These are the homelands of people, their ethnicity, and race is not a consideration for it.

There are two ways that Ethnicity is referred to. The first is that of someone who comes from a village, town, or city of a particular ethnicity.  The second is someone who comes from a regional area in which that ethnicity has an impact.

Each city has influence over a large region, roughly marked out by the spread of its villages. Most regions are about 200 miles in diameter, and where two regions are very close, there may be an overlap, where cultural aspects of both are observed, or a Syncretic Ethnicity develops.

The Ethnic World

The following listings describe each city and its inhabitants, as well as the particular boons that are available to those from it. Each one starts with a table of core information about the city, then follows it up with key information useful to someone from that region.

Wyrlde is built around these ethnicities, these ethnic types.  They are pushed into the world by the Gods themselves, much as they pushed the elves, dwarves, and others into the world. They each come with unique qualities and systems, and they do not have direct parallels to anything on our world.

The Campaign makes use of these differences and qualities to provide some rousing adventures and side quests, while also giving you, the player, opportunities for role playing and getting into character, so that the experience you have is more enjoyable.

Moral Codes

Each region has a listing of a few elements that feed into that City’s Moral Code, ideals with which they are raised. A moral Code has two parts – affirming and punitive. Affirming things are the goals that people there strive for in their daily lives, the virtues of that region. Punitive Codes are the Sins that people in that region avoid or punish. This moral code is nonbinding, but should have an influence on the character as you play them.

There are Moral Codes built into the character classes as well, and then there are also moral codes we gain from our family (race) and then, at last, the moral codes we build for ourselves. It is the navigating of those many different codes on a personal basis that can often create some pretty incredible moments.

General Information


Wyrlde is not Earth. The “rules” of complexion here are a bit more fluid. Below is the chart of complexion types in a given ethnic region, from most common to least common. The more, ah, colorful additions are a newer development over the last 400 years or so.

Choose your complexion tone after you choose your Ethnicity from the chart.

Complexion Tones


The list of Languages available in Wyrlde is as follows:

Common (Prussian) Trade Doradan
Thulian Durangan Shang, Low *or* Shang, High
Goblin Kobold Azlian (Lemurian)
Islander Elfin Cant Dwarfin Creole
Hyborean Abyssal Celestial
Primordial Sylvan Shadow Cant

In areas where two cultural regions begin to overlap, one starts to hear a patois, or even a full creole. Dwarfin Creole is a language that is highly suited to more exacting language demands, as is Shang, the formally declared language of Shangrila.

Hyborean is actually a kind of trade language developed from common sounds and experiences among the Hyboreal peoples, who do not all have the same language.


You can also choose to use a language slot to be literate (to be able to read) in any of the following languages:

Prussian Trade Shang
Thulian Marcin Dorthic Azlian (Lemurian)
Goblin Kobold Primordial
Sylvan Abyssal Celestial

A Few Words

The ethnic regions of Wyrlde are each independent cultural backgrounds. Someone growing up in one of them would be familiar with the mores, customs, and traditions of that region – but may not agree with all of them.  However, it is what they know, and that will in turn affect their decisions and understanding of the world as a whole going forward. Each location has a number of elements that are ascribed to it in the pages.  Accent, for example, gives you an idea of how they would be perceived by a typical person on Earth (specifically, the US). You need not roleplay these factors, but they can at least give you an idea of how to play the character for more fun and enjoyment.

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