The Sun, The Moons, and the Stars Above

The Sun, The Moons, and the Stars Above

The Sun

The sun is an A class star with very white light that is also cooler and lacks much of the UV risks associated with the. It is said that it was not always that way – that it was changed during the God’s War. Wyrlde is centered within the habitable zone for the star, and has three moons that circle it, but little else in terms of space debris. There are six comets that pass through, four of them close enough to be seen with the naked eye from Wyrlde. There is also a strange extrasolar effect that passes through at strange times and in an unpredictable path so far – it has struck twice, and this has been called Starfall.

Each star in the sky is the brightly burning presence of some hero of Wyrlde – most unremarked, unknown, save to those Powers who witness all. There is nothing beyond the vast Sphere of Night. This is because the Dread Powers That Be sealed Wyrlde off from the broader universe ages ago. They are very proud of that, and the other Hosts have sought to restore Wyrlde to the broader Universe ever since.

The Moons

Wyrlde has a total of three lunar bodies in a complex dance that circle around it. On any given day on Wyrlde, there is a strong likelihood of there being some moon visible the entire time. The moons each have a peculiar color to them, as well. The moons are used to form the basis of the Wyrlde year, covering seasons, months, and weeks.

Coyola is green and blue in color, with patches of white that seem to move and drift across it. Coyola is about a fifth the size of Wyrlde overall, taking up space about the size of an outstretched palm without the fingers in the sky. Coyola has an individual revolution of about 7 days, and Coyola’s Cycle is 28 days, with the Full moon on the 15th day and the new Moon on the first. Coyola is linked to lycanthropy and is visible starting only at Dusk and setting at Dawn. Like most of the world’s aspects, Coyola is frighteningly regular.

Sina is a pink, white, and pale blue colored moon that has a new moon every 91 days and the full moon 45 days after that. Sina is considered the divine moon, with effects on prophecy and divination. It takes up about as much space as three fingers’ width in the sky and is loved by witches. Sina marks the seasons and is used in many rituals. “Sina sets the seasons” you may hear people say, and it is used heavily in farming to time crops. Tides respond to Sina strongly, while they can be weak around Coyola.

Themis is a golden color and only ever appears as a full moon, though it seems to grow larger or smaller by season. It always seems to present the same face to the planet, which is blank, smooth, and unchanging. It circles during the day, rising at the dawn, setting at dusk, always just a little ahead of the Sun, and is sometimes called the Sun’s Mule. Themis is notable in that it has no impact on any spells, curses, or other expected effects of a moon. It is about the size of a pinky fingertip in the sky. Themis sets the week.

The Stars

The Stars in the heavens are often arranged in patterns, the oldest of which are the 15 general astrological signs on Wyrlde, each sign being 24 days in length, plus a 16th one for the Equinox or Solstice being “days without a sign”. First, it should be noted that as a form of divination, it can be useful – and the specialized tools and knowledge for such are confined to the Towers of Akadia or the Temples of the Clerics. These signs are named after constellations – patterns among the stars known usually only to a few. The stars were literally placed in the sky by the Powers That Be – The Hosts, The Old Ones, and dear Chicory and friends. Some did not go willingly and are said to be screaming within their fiery prisons as immortal moments in the sky.


The unsigned, also called The Veiled, are those who are born on a solstice or equinox. They are said to be unseen by fate and free of destiny. A surprising number of adventurers are Unsigned. For all of them, they are considered to have the star sign of The Veil.

In Qivira, they are more likely to use the signs for their calendars than the traditional calendar cited earlier.






The Hall


The space of Politics and Leadership



The Heroine


Hala, her sword drawn, her hound beside her.



The Sword


The Black Blade of Stars, slayer of gods.



The Field


The Farm, people shaping the land



The Dancer


Viola, my namesake, in pose.



The Fox


Wily and cunning, swift, and sure footed



The Shield


Shavan’s Shield, raised on his fall.



The Passage


The space between healing & health, battle & blood; life & death.



The Hero


Vortigern, who led all along the Bitter Road until slain.



The Bear


Powerful, strong, unyielding, persistent



The Axe


Stoneblood’s great Axe, preserved. He is, too.

Sweet pea


The Hearth


Home and Family, the key of Kinship.



The Herald


Freya Firefrost, Herald of the Bright Host.



The Wolf


Feral, sharp minded, dangerous, savage



The Spear


Acheron’s Spear, which pierced the heavens and became stuck.



The Veil

The Unsigned

Mystery and secrets, knowledge and ignorance, thresholds



Each Star was placed by one of the Powers That Be, and each star contains the Spirit and Soul of some great champion or person who was honored by the Powers. It is said that for some it is a blessing, and for others it is a torment, and that becoming a Star removes you from the great Cycle, so that you are never reborn until your light fades.

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