House Rules Status Update

House Rules Status Update

THe last of the major updates, since Magic won’t be one (aside from tweaks and the writing up of systems, it is still the same. I am going to have to do Runes later — I need to really get into the process of what I am wanting to do with them, and that does mean having the spells really figured out, since Runes are basically a way to cast spells.

Psionics will come late — aside from moving spells into them, I have to set up the basic capabilities of the seven categories and all that.

This is the House Rules stuff. I need to finish a bit with combat stuff and flesh out the impact of conditions (especially those that have something to do with the expanded damage sections, which also need to be done).

THe basic principle is that some types of damage inflict conditions on the character as well as damage, and that needs to be put in place.

When finally set up, the whole thing will be published both as a single volume and as parts, like I have done here.

So, The Big Book, at over 1200 pages. The Setting Book, The Character Book, The Magic Book, and The Rule Book. They all have -alia -ica names, but those aren’t a huge thing yet. I am explicitly not including rules for everything — this is still essentially an add on for 5e.

To them I will add a Reference Book, and the Character sheets in their different forms.

I am undecided on the inclusion of a Critteralia. My general goal is to start tossing up adventures and include the stats for creatures in those, since they are essentially little more than super detailed outlines. But I am wondering if a request for such would make it worthwhile. Plus, I do want to have something explicitly for players — Sheroo’s book, basically.

Ah well, we’ll see.

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