Character Creation Status

Character Creation Status

This is current status of the character build piece. It is missing a LOT. Classes are still in a state from four playtest sessions ago and some are missing entirely, the change to crafting impacts proficiency, the aspects are unedited. Equipment tables are still the older versions as well.

It has a ways to go still. Deadline remains November 30th, and is still on track. I made it to 2nd level spells, and will be bouncing again between different sections.

Turns out there *is* a way to do an index of the site, so I am very much likely to simply wipe out existing stuff and post using a deeper heading cut (3rd or 4th for most, 2nd for some) so that it can act like a link to the part needed.

Also, these drafts are not formatted, lol. Yeah, I know they look like they are, but they aren’t.

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