Devpost: 6.7.2019

Devpost: 6.7.2019

So I finished out the rest of the book for the most part, will start posting things here from it as I get time.

Some folks may wonder why there are so many images of girls used, why so many of them are overtly anime, and why it is that there is a “social justice warrior” feel to the world.

Last things first: because there is a big part of that. I am a bisexual trans woman of mixed race. newsflash: the world ain’t a happy making space for folks like me, in any of those areas, so why the fuck shouldn’t we get something once in a while that recognizes that?

It isn’t overt — the adventures themselves are fairly standard fare, and players, well, ya’ll will be players. The setting though, yeah, it’s a trip. White folks aren’t rare, but they aren’t everywhere, and they aren’t the only folks. There are blue skinned people here, after all.

The cultures are heavily reliant on matriarchy, and the bulk of the gods are women — including two overt lesbians, a trans woman, and more. And the bad guys are all resident treason loving wannabes. yeah, I don’t like that kind of person so yeah, they are the bad guys.

Ain’t no one making anyone play this that don’t want to.

As to the images, well, I use google. And if you have used google, you will find that a lot of folks make a lot more pictures of cue anime girls than anime guys. There are a few reasons for this, I’m sure (I mean, literally, I am sure there are a few reasons for it and I could get into those reasons, but I get paid for that stuff, so not gonna be here), but for me, I don’t mind because I would rather look at cute anime girls, lol.

And there is a definite anime influence here. Intentionally overt, in part because I like the idea of it. A fantasy world where you are an anime character. Sounds like a lot of video games to me. I’ve done Barsoom and walked across the land with Conan and sailed with Elric and I am rather bored and tired of those cliches. But anime let’s me take a cliche and reflect it back through a lens that is different.

I am not actually a huge watcher of such, lol, and I tend to be really picky of what I do watch. But I do like SAO, and I can see Kirito exploring this worldseed product, or see the Log Horizon guild escaping the Japanese servers, or enjoy the idea of Madoka going up against a Hag.

I mean, that’s cool stuff, and it fits with my desire to have fun creating the world, have fun running a campaign in it that includes horror and mystery and even a few wild west or gangster elements in it.

What does bother me is the lack of dark skinned figures in the images. We need more of them.

But yeah, so this is a world where being cishet isn’t a promise of power — but they are still the majority. Whiteness isn’t a “thing” here. It is an escape, and one I really like.

That’s it for today. Might be a bit before any further updates come along.

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