Dev: June 6th, 2019

Dev: June 6th, 2019

Today I set up the website and uploaded a bunch of the cribbed images that are inspiring the effort, as well as a few of the more fun things that have come about so far.

I have been dealing with some personal shit, so have been using this as a crutch, a way to stay focused on *something*, an escape from the reality of my current daily life that bugs the shit out of me.

My favorite pup died yesterday — well, technically the day before yesterday. She was my baby.

I can honestly say it was in honor of her that I figured out a way to add magical girls into the game. She would sit with me as I watched PMMM or Yuyuyu or any of the other deconstructed and darkly twisted version that I tend to like.

Then I had a coworker die — easily one of the smartest men I have ever met, and for me to say that takes a lot because, well, as I note elsewhere, the air you are breathing is made up of my ego. His passing will leave a massive void along many social axes that I dread to see how it comes down.

The Wyrlde Book has a few key gaps in it here and there, but is coming along really well. The more involved part now awaits me — I have to develop out the cultures for the nine cities.

But as far as basic rules go, it’s done.

Wyrldica is going to take a lot longer, lol, but perhaps the map making tool have will come in handy for some of it. Creating dungeons is a long and complicated process normally — in a world where everything has to make sense in some way? Shit, I put my foot in that time.

My favorite things so far: The inclusion of pokemon type animals, the magical girls, the gunslinger class, and the neko race are all good and fine, but the best thing is adding in some of the machine monsters from Horizon Zero Dawn. I will use them as high level monsters — level 13 and up.

It will be really interesting to see what the cultures look like, lol. And if I have been this silly so far, dear lord, what am I going to be including in some of these dungeons.

I did make the promise not to use my dragon room of death — a cone shaped room with a door at the far end behind which is a pissed off dragon. The room, of course, is exactly the size of the dragon’s breath weapon.

To help me with that, I changed the dragons, lol.

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