Devpost 7/6/2019

Devpost 7/6/2019

So howdy.

I feel like I am close enough to done with the initial book that it it will be this weekend or next that it is set aside for the next part. I am currently running about a week behind, but I made some progress last night.

I finished culling from homebrew some spells and backgrounds, quite satisfied with what I have there. I added a segment on common law that I needed to set up, and I it will include some stuff on ordeals and the way that sentences are done.

There are little things that still need to be done, but, really, the book is mostly done. I added in a large number of tables from the PHB that needed some adjustment in what they contained and how much things cost, threw in a bit more stuff on vehicles (and designed a vehicle template. Seriously.), and I have a background template to use to flesh out backgrounds that come up during the adventure design process.

All in all, really pleased, but…

It is going to be 300 pages, lol. Sitting at 293 right now.

I had to create a monster stat block template for the campaign book. I put a lot of critters into the mentions of the Wyrldebook, and I will have to make sure there is a stat sheet for all of them.

The problem of an unreliable narrator is going to come up at some point — but the world we live in has so many myths and half truths (not counting this fucked up administration in the US right now) that I think it will work out ok.

It turns out there are lots of possible holes in the fabric that are perfect for the whole Old Ones bit. I haven’t had to patch anything — they just slid right on into the deeper places, and thy even have a whole planar setup that is sitting out there waiting.

I may even use them for a second continent down the road. Or an island, since fabricating these cultures has been a pita. I confess I am out of practice, and I lack a lot of my little tools and things I used to use. Kinda broken hearted about it.

in any case, that’s it so far. This is my current to do list for Wyrldebook (the list for the Campaign book is way to big):

Expand History by 8 lines to flow page sequence better, provide a little more story.

Write Common Laws, describe Ordeals, comment on Sentences

Goals, Doctrines, Taboos, & Rituals for each of the Pantheons

Baptism, coming of age, initiation, promotion, wedding, death, prayers, curses, consecration for Pantheons

Possibly develop as a Template

Sibola – Regional Info and Military info





Hyborea (be sure to finalize spelling to this version)

Language Listings

Develop Backgrounds Template,

Be sure to add in a Restrictions section.

Messenger Class (Monk sub-class) needs to be finished (Way of the Wind)

Flesh out more Black Market Gear

Finish the Regional Wealth

The ethnicity alone will push this past the 300 page mark — but I think it is close enough that it won’t be a big deal. Printed out a full copy as it stands last night, and I like it. I have to fiddle a bit with the design and layout bullshit, but overall, I am quite happy.

Here, look for yourself:

Goddess of Change, Mystery, Wonder, and Fun
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