Culture Description Form

Culture Description Form

So, through the various iterations of the Wyrldebook so far, one of my pet peeves has been the Ethnicities — the Places and Peoples, the Realms of Wyrlde.

Trying to find a good balance between enough information, too little information, and too much information is hard — in part because this stuff is something I do for a living, so I want a lot more info, but that isn’t exactly what the typical player or person wants.

The original Realms were five to seven pages long, dense text. Too much. The current approach uses a table set up that slows the machine down to a crawl, and kinda has a lot of crud in it.

So I went back to basics — to questions, really — and struck what I think is a great balance between all of them. I figure I should share it with others, in case it comes in handy for them — but just tossing up a basic pdf isn’t my style. Ok, well, yeah, really, it is my style, but I just so happen to have ended up paying for more shit, so I went ahead and made it a form fillable version.

3 Pages. 11 major sections. Space enough for about two paragraphs on each, which makes me have to do a lot more work — but also allows me to flex as needed (especially around government).

so, first off, the directions. I did a quick example of it to help answer questions that go into such an area I may tweak things a bit down the road, but for now this works (Law is troublesome).

next is the form fillable pdf itself. I hope someone finds use for it.

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