DevPost: updates

DevPost: updates

Dropped more stuff intot he ovrll setup.

I am continuing to work on the Trade routes and such, lol. I seem to have a love of giving myself more work.

I suppose since I plan to break up the outfitting according to Guild (and so shop) I shouldn’t be too upset, since this is really just a kind of extension or preparation fo rthat.

But really, it is a lot of tables.

I had to redo the measurement system because of the trade deal, and this time I added in rough equivalents, because I was doing other things and kept thinking “i really need to know what I am talking about here, but never wanted to do the math, lol.

So I did the math and now there is a rough US equivalent (i had to use metric to start, but switch to US because, well, I operate in the US). I won’t say any of it is exact — it isn’t. But it is close enough for game purposes, lol.

I need to tweak the master map as a result, lol — the grid that lies upon it is using US miles.

Having set sizes for several things used in shipping also helps a lot for the trade stuff I am working on. The Containers have to be adjusted slightly for size as while I know the volume, I don’t know the actual size of Crates yet, so will be working on that at some time soonish.

Ok that fixes the issues around the ships and the containers, though I have to come back here and do some editing, lol. themselves

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