Devpost sept 9 2023

Devpost sept 9 2023

Ok, finished the revision to my guild structure, which intersects with trade routes, equipment tables, crafting, and proficiencies. I have to reduce and combine them down into about 50 shops, because 225 equipment tables is just too freaking much for me. Also, not necessary, lol. A bunch of service, a bunch of functionaries, others — should get it down to under 150 just be skipping them since they won’t be interacting with characters much.

But they do add a bunch of color, lol. Guilds are very much 5e factions.

crafting system is started, need to determine some categories for materials so I don’t have to create a gazillion little things, and can stay with the design ethos. Also have to make a list of weird special requirements for magical items that don’t involve places. Stuff like “the ritual must be performed on night of a blue moon in the seventh hour”.
Yanked the “price of the item” and days determiners right outta there. Shifted to hours, level shortens base time, reduces DC. Created a clean demarcation between kits (consumables) and tools (not consumables). Have to put in long rest and fatigue rules.

put in a DM random table set for wear and tear as an option. Uses three dice, three columns, a best two out of three result so it isn’t “everything is broken, buy new” more than very occasionally. Likely won’t use it myself, but it is there.

The UA 7 is giving me some pause around spell lists. I need to finish up the Elemental spells quick, and make up my mind, lol.

crafting falls into Proficiencies, Training, Ability Skills, so that all got a tweak too. Smoothed out some bumps. The guilds set up also expanded the kits and tools, so those will be interesting to deal with especially with the variable pricing according to location.

Have to stop adding features, lol.

the Runes are going to be interesting to do.

Aspects are going to go to the wire. Mostly because editing them is a nightmare, but necessary.

Shifted the damage dice for spell levels, so it is closer to normative at lower levels but goes nuts at higher, lol.

DC is back to full range (36), and scales fairly well. Set common at 10, so that’s baseline, and now there is a linkage for degrees of mastery, too.

Was told I will need to just use Mystic and Shaman, and the Reeve is coming along well. The anti-rogue, lol. And that reminds me to restore thieves skills to my ability skills, de-simplifying them and enabling a real Stealth element.
Introducing an action To “enter hide”, to support it using my unseen mechanic.

it is really getting there. I hope fall anime doesn’t screw me too much with ideas, lol.

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