Devpost Sept 5th 2023

Devpost Sept 5th 2023

So I added Trade. Trade required me to create 7 Trade Zones to make it manageable.

Adding Trade means I should really look into what I had planned to do all along which is break things up in the Outfitting section by type of shop.

Breaking it up by shop means looking more closely at the guilds unless I want to do like 100 shops.

It also means adding in the the Trade Zone pricing as well as the Start pricing (when PCs buy their stuff). That way I can use the assorted tables any time I need a table, regardless of where they are. And I can introduce odd little notes about seasonal, missing things, and so forth in notes beneath each table. All that plus the default “random roll” factor.

So, guilds are getting a redo.

On top of all of that, I asked for things that are desired on a forum, and guess what popped up? Well, no, don’t guess, I will tell you anyway. I am adding the following into the whole:

  • Crafting (players making things they need and can use)
  • Exploration & Discovery (wilderness stuff)
  • Strongholds & Estate operations and settlement
  • Rising with Guilds, Starting a Guild

Of them, the crafting section is the most new — and dovetails nicely with the magical item crafting stuff I put in place and the way that all of that interfaces with the metamagic and Mysteries Aspects.

Swear to goshen I am thinking of just calling it all “advanced 5e” but the howls from the wilds would be tremendous.

Playtesting proceeds apace, with two current tests and one large scale test using a default adventure set (Tomb of annihilation) coming up likely later in the month. Major efforts are looking at the new class set ups (in their very rough forms, because I have to rewrite all of them still for inclusion).

I am also thinking of making Reeves a new class, and changing Nomad to Mystic. Reeves would be a kind of “counter-rogue”, a detective sort. It would add a nice balance to the Corsair and the Envoy (the current Rogue forms).

Will look at that today.

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