Devpost 7/15/2023

Devpost 7/15/2023

This is a lot, lol.

I shifted much of the original stuff that I had up for a few years to either “trash” or to “review” because, well, when you have written a whole freakign book onit, you sorta don’t need them when it is all su;er different from what you had before.

My personal challenge remains around the classes, but I have gotten through the hardest part and now just need to set things up and finalize my speicalites stuff — which is a fancy way of saying “take all the special abilities, put them in a big list, and then yank out the ones you will use for the different classes and leave whatever is left for the specialty section”.

Got into an argument with someone about how what I am doign here is “not D&D”, and you know, I just couldn’t anymore. Sorry — this is D&D. Not going to sit down and explain why I say that when really, you can tell if you play iit and you do need the rules, even if I have a bunch of house rules that are very different.

The underlying mechanics are set up to be guidelines, not requirements. Race, Class, how magic works, and that kind of thing are not what makes D&D what it is. But arguing that is boring to me. It is like trying to argue with a bigot why human rights matter for everyone. THe bigot wills ay that they do, then still blindly argue that everyone ultimately only includes the people they approve of.

One of my biggest challenges is that I am wanting to add more details, more stuff to the whole. I will do that, too — but only here on the website, then update the kindle book once a year or so. This is a playground of sorts for me, and I am enjoying it immensely. I just wish I had more time, more energy, more ability to get stuff up.

I am also dealing with anger and more than a touch of depression, and I am straggling to move out of that, but shit happens, and I am probably overdue for my ration, lol. Been listening to a couple Billie Eilish songs on repeat because they hit my emotional spots, lol.

WHich reminds me, I need to set up a spotify box on the site for the assorted playlists…

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