Devpost 2023 9 12

Devpost 2023 9 12

So I mentioned that I had a lot of stuff to add in. But I also have a lot of stuff already done, and much of it comes from the general ideas being offered in a thread on DDB.

  • Aging rules – difference between an infant and an adult
  • Intelligence is a worthless stat
  • Perception System
  • Stealth & Hide(!)
  • Obscuring Rules (link to hide/stealth)
  • Improved Economic and Trade systems
  • Crafting (!)
  • Skill challenges — multiple roll efforts with a present success/fail ratio
  • Chases
  • Flying mechanics in a 2D spatial setting
  • Strongholds – establishing, taking over, running
  • Settlement governing rules – take over a settlement and run it
  • Moving up in the world, leadership roles
  • Spell Casting if thens
  • Spell Casting components
  • Psionics (note: this needs to operate in a vein similar to magic, in that it has to have certain rules such as X power does X, and only X)
  • Imbalance between nova damage and sustained damage
  • Creature sizes
  • Minions
  • Monster Design
  • Monster Roles
  • Monster Weaknesses (traditional)
  • CR Scaling (So that 1/4 CR can be buffed into a 6 CR)
  • CR Transparency
  • Transparent Encounter Building
  • Cumulative Bonus Limits

Some of them I won’t do, but a lot of it was already addressed, and some of it is things I am working on concurrently right now.

Is quite gratifying, lol.

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