Devlog: July 5 2023

Devlog: July 5 2023

So, I mentioned that the site revision was coming, and today I started in on it.

Playtesting of the last mostly full build means I had to go back again to start on the classes, but the rest of it is pretty much fixed and ready, and so I am converting over The Wyrlde Book first, copy pasta the sections for individual pages, using the headings from the Wyrlde book as my guide.

There have been some minor revisions to The Wyrlde Book along the way, and I more or less managed to get the rest of the stuff working, even though the revision to the classes is going to be a pain in the ass.

Been reading the latest playtest rules, and chuckling. They added in the weapon Mastery function and discovered it was really popular, and my own stuff had already added that in, but in a different way. It is a similar bit of coincidence to the way that I had added and broke out magic into larger types (my five to their three) and I am definitely getting a kick out of how I am developing it out along a similar path.

The big difference for me is that I took the things they describe as weapon mastery and weapon special features and made them all into something called Specialities, which are basically like Feats. It allows me to have a character wield a Maul as if it has the light property, of course, but then it adds in the Weapon Techniques factor and in keeping with the no small amount of influence from anime, perform some incredible and powerful Feats as well.

Regardless of class. the playtesting shows that it allows one to skip out on many of the things that drive a character into thinking about multiclassing in the old way, and also breaks free of the subclass aspect without breaking the notion of the Classes themselves.

THe 15 classes (16 counting the cleric, which i s going to be an example when I get to posting the guidelines for class creation again) cover not only most of what the main group wanted, but the bulk of the stuff that works in the world. Exceptions being the traditional Warock and Sorcerer, sadly, but I think the newer stuff will help that.

In related news, I added in another adventure to the whole list of them — based on the Magnificent seven.The Adventures will be what I work on likely next year, and right now it appears I am headed for the 2024 finalization of all the rules and such, coinciding with the new version of the D&D core rulebooks. That will make the new adventures fairly useful, and they will get their own section here on the site.

Back to copypasta…

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