Dev Post 7/24 — Brave New Map

Dev Post 7/24 — Brave New Map

I did resist as long as I could, but I still succumbed to the need to improve on the original, lol.

I should note that I have the last version of the map printed out as a poster and framed. It is on my wall when I do video conferencing, and when I am stumped I sit and look at it. Needless to say, I have been looking at it and imagining things for a while, and slowly but surely a bunch of things started to raise their heads and finally I just gave in and re-did the map — but this time one will note I pretty much styaed with what I had done — not because I was dead set on it, but because, you know, it is pretty good after all.
Also, I did spend a bunch of money to have it printed up as a poster.

So, new map, pretty much the same as the old one. Some minor changes (town names, some of the seas), a big flex around the Savage Lands of Hyboria and Kahoika, better mountains, more scattered trees without the cluster stuff, adjusted some of the realms to make it worthwhile.

THe full image, that is, the proper one, is something enormous — this is a jpg, but it will do.

I know I have slowed down on the updates — this is in part a response to doing them. I am tweaking the realm descriptions as I go, because I ended up combining the “rule” version and the “wyrlde book” version, and have to strip duplication and all that rot. On the other hand, I have found a way to upload stuff fairly easily — I just copy it over into a single document and then upload that.

For the straight image:

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