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Call outs. Must have an image.

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Expanded Difficulty Checks

PDF: Expanded Difficulty Checks Sometimes a little nuance, a bit more craftsmanship, a bit of variation can come in handy when trying to figure out just how hard something is. This system takes the basic Difficulty Check — or DC — and makes it a little more… Difficulty Charts The Target number is determined most […]

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Revised Challenge Ratings (CR)

PDF: Challenge Rating Tools and Standards For Wyrlde, the challenge rating is very different, and expansion to 60 CRs, and an entire set of rules and tools for converting, creating, and altering creatures to meet the challenges and to design encounters. Encounters Inevitably, there will come a time when you have an encounter. Whether through […]

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Codexalia Wyrldica

The Codexalia is finished. Anything new will appear in the Incarnalia, and anything I do in it has to work with what I’ve set up in the Codexalia. Thank you for all your patience. PDF Direct Link: Codexalia Wyrldica

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Bastions, Workshops, and Crafting

PDF: Bastions & Workshops Bastions A Bastion is many things; a home, a refuge, a stronghold, a place of power, a base, a workshop, a training ground, a place of safekeeping. They are either built or awarded, gained through recognition or hard work, and they represent the heart of a collective endeavor known as a […]

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