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Pedants Throughout Wyrlde, though especially within the Empire, there are compounds where people learn and engage called Tanjins. Tanjins are divided into several classes, mostly by age groups but not exclusively, and each class is led by a Pedant, and focusing on a particular aspect of what people need to know. To help you come […]

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A Brief History, Part Two

Age of Fable Ah, isn’t a good breakfast worth the wait? I may dislike mornings, but I do adore a breakfast. Alright then, let’s see, where were we? Four thousand three hundred twenty-one families stood upon the green shore of a furious unknown sea, wracked by storms, great hailstones hurling, and they had neither shelter […]

Chronicle Codexalia Wyrldica Persons of Interest

A Brief History, Part One

A Brief History The following is a simple and yet broad history of the world – or at least, what we know of it. It is as brief as one can make 2000 years of history for an entire continent and the many peoples on it. The history of Wyrlde stretches back into the mists […]

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The Powers of Wyrlde

This world has a host of Powers That Be, but they are neither ineffable nor are they omniscient. They are petty, cruel, kind, benevolent, capricious, and as varied in their temperaments as any person is from another. They can have understandable motivations and they do not always react like we tend to think Gods will […]

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