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Imperial Settlements

Imperial Settlements While not absolute, most settlements on Wyrlde are located along, across, or very near a river, usually a navigable one with a strong flow. This is especially critical for Villages and larger places, as the rivers are what power the mills and enable the barges and riverboats and Boats to reach the docks […]

Codexalia Wyrldica Customs Daily Life Factions The Imperial World


Factions The major kinds of Factions are Houses, Guilds, Circles, Posses, Syndicates, and Orders. Guilds and Posses form the most generally well respected and well-known groups, devoted to their respective efforts, while Syndicates (concentrated and based around Durango) seek to corrupt and empower themselves and the Circles strive to stay relevant and in power (that […]

Codexalia Wyrldica Customs Daily Life The Imperial World

Daily Life

Daily Life This section looks at the daily life of the typical person at various places on Wyrlde to give an idea of what it can be like to live here. Worthiness Wyrlde has had years of stability and relative security, which has been due in part to the efforts of the yearly Convocation, where […]

Codexalia Wyrldica Customs The Imperial World


Customs Perhaps few things are more important to know than local law and customs. It keeps you out of gaols and lets you know the way of things, and there are many commonalities to the Seven Cities, traditional and historic standards and traditions. Here are the big things to keep in mind. Time The Year […]

Military Nobility The Imperial World

Nobility & Military

Nobility For centuries, the assorted areas of Wyrlde have operated and been governed under a somewhat feudal system of leadership, rendered complex by tradition, by laws and Powers, and by custom of the Houses that emerged as the foundations that built the broader world came into being following The Bitter Road. Of note is that […]

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