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Entries relating to the development of the campaign setting


Heritage Table

Heritage Type Height Weight Lifespan Notes on Heritage Imperial Human 63 to 78 150 to 300 125 Seven Cities Dakoan Human 63 to 75 100 -275 125 Kahokian, Indigenous Exilian Human 54 to 66 100 to 175 125 Wandering, Romani/India Myrmian Human 60 to 75 125 to 275 125 Exiles, Rebels Thalasian Human 54 to […]


Update: Feb 2 2024

So, been a while again. Real life does that to hobbies. Ok, so, the first two books are nearly finished, and I will be starting the upload of them within the month. The first book is the Wyrlde Book. turns out it will be available as a kindle book after all, and I will be […]

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